Institute for Economic Strategies (founded on September 26, 1990) – scientific and consulting organization functioning under the auspices of the Social Sciences Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences. About 300 professionals of government, corporate and social management are employed in the Institute for Economic Strategies.

Institute for Economic Strategies is developing in strategic partnership with International League of Strategic Management, Assessment and Accounting.


Institute for Economic Strategies:

  • System design;
  • Forcasting research;
  • Strategic consulting;
  • Creative support;
  • Innovation management;
  • Business education;
  • Publication programs;
  • Economic Strategies academic business magazine;
  • Strategic management quality certification;
  • Rating and nomination programs;
  • Expert network for investment decisions.



Alexander I. Ageev

Director General, Institute for Economic Strategies; President, Russian Division, International League of Strategic Management, Assessment and Accounting; President, Russian Academy of Future Research. Academician, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Professor, D.Sc. (Economics), MBA.

Boris N. Kuzyk

Director, Institute for Economic Strategies; Professor; Academician, Russian Academy of Sciences; D.Sc. (Economics); Merited Scientist of the Russian Federation; Winner, National prize in the field of Science and Technology.

Institute’s activity is carried out through permanent centres and project-oriented programs for solution of conctrete scientific and practical tasks and clients inquiries. At present 22 centres and 82 project-oriented programs are functioning.


  • Future Research Centre
  • Geoeconomic Strategies Centre
  • Academy of Economic Strategies
  • Russian Enterprise Research Centre
  • East-West Research Centre
  • Certification and Ratings Centre
  • Informational Technologies Centre
  • Publishing House
  • Historical-Cartographical Research Centre
  • Corporate Communications and Development Centre
  • Consulting Bureau
  • Security and Risks Assessment Bureau
  • International Marketing Centre
  • Sectoral Markets Research Centre
  • Informational-Analytical Technologies of Economics Management Centre
  • Strategic Consulting Research Centre
  • Institutional and Legal Research Centre
  • Regional Studies Center
  • and others.

Major research programs of INES:

  • Elaboration of Strategic Matrix series program complexes for solution of scientific and practical tasks at the level of federal and regional bodies of government administration and business structures
  • Geoeconomic Dynamics research (in the Central Asia in particular)
  • Innovation policy (in the field of alternative energy sources in particular)
  • Problems of government and business organizations adaptation to demand of international investment, management and sectoral standards
  • Methods of State regulation of natural monopolies
  • Dynamics scenario forecast for Russia and other countries

Major services for business organizations:

  • Strategic management
  • PR and reputation management
  • Informational-analytical support
  • Project Management
  • Finance Management
  • Property appraisal
  • Crisis management

At times INES performed work for Administration under the President of RF, State Duma and Federation Council, Ministry for Economic Development and Trade of the RF, Ministry of Industry and Energy, Ministry of Education and Science, Rosaviacosmos, Rosatom, some region’s executive agencies, social organizations, state companies of defence, nuclear, oil and gas industries, major Russian and foreign companies of different branches.

Since 1990 more than 10000 organizations were recipients of Institute’s services.

Mission of INES: promoting the values of social responsibility, strategic vision and global partnership for peace and prosperity in business, government and society.

Aims of INES:

  • to increase the well-being level of population of the country through development and implementation of effective management strategies;
  • to increase the competitiveness of Russian companies through implementation of modern management approaches and practices, and by creation of business-educational environment that is friendly to development of strategically- and innovatively-thinking leaders;
  • enhancement effectiveness of government programs and projects in the area of economic and social development of country regions;
  • to increase the number of socially responsible companies and promotion of good business practices implementation;
  • to provide a talent pool for strategic management based on advanced management techniques and social responsibility principles at business, government and society level.

Purposes of INES:

  • training of staff for companies, governmental and other organizations and individuals in effective management and social responsibility principles basing on exclusive author methodic and highly-qualified teaching staff;
  • to provide research work and expert support on effective strategies of economic and social development of country regions;
  • education of business and society in the area of social, cultural and moral values, strategies of sustainable development, and partnership of civilizations under modern conditions of globalization process;
  • promotion in implementation of social responsibility standards in practices of companies and organizations;
  • search, encouragement, support and consolidation of talented young specialists in economics and social sciences, intensification of youth initiatives and involvement of young people in open dialogue concerning the future of civilizations;
  • development of dialogue between cultures and of international partnership in business, social and cultural areas.

Institute for Economic Strategies Headquarters Address:

Of. 4, bld.1, 6, Sretenskii boulevard, Moscow, 101000, Russia

Tel./fax + 7 495 234 46 97