Author page: Nikolay Turko

Civil-Military Integration Prospects

#3. Attraction of Diversity
Civil-Military Integration ProspectsCivil-Military Integration ProspectsCivil-Military Integration ProspectsCivil-Military Integration Prospects

The regular meeting of the Association “Analytics” for promoting analytical potential of the Individual, Society and the State, held on April 17, 2017 in the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was dedicated to a very important issue — production of civilian and dual-purpose products by enterprises of the defense-industry complex. Discussions at the highest level proved that different solutions are possible here, and the expert-industrial community has got a feeling that now it’s high time to work out a point of view that should be scientifically based and at the same time should rely on the industry’s vision of these problems. The last thing should be repeating experience of the 1980–1990s in this sphere. As there are rapid changes occurring in the technological order, technologies are developing, foreign policy environment and the militarypolitical situation are extremely risky, we must somehow try to foresee the future, realizing that it is almost impossible.