Author page: Nikolay Yutanov

Cosmopoliсу as Anticipation

#7. Foresight Boom
Cosmopoliсу as AnticipationCosmopoliсу as AnticipationCosmopoliсу as Anticipation

The article analyzes three systemic fears, the origin of which is not connected with a person, but the basis for which is provided by the Universe: falling of celestial bodies on the surface of the planet and possible destruction of any civilizational activity, change in the temperature regime of the atmosphere with subsequent cataclysms. And if these two cosmic fears are synoptic, they can be observed and, according to the author, were relevant at the end of the 20th century, the third fear of life existence on other planets is being written by science fiction writers, which now are joined by astrophysicists. As a consequence, any danger brings forth economy of security, and we can assume what prospects the expected markets of space security open.