War and Peace in the Past and Present

#8. Is a burden of one’s own choice is not felt?

If you want peace, prepare for a war – this is the rule that people followed for ages, it has not lost its significance nowadays. Moreover, it has acquired the most sinister meaning.

Progress Against Tradition. A Brief Course of 20th Century Russian History For Top Management

#10. Time-out?

The socialist camp headed by the Soviet Union did not appear as a relapse of the world revolution, but as a defensive reaction of Moscow after theoretical errors of the Soviet leadership and hard resistance of the West.

Russia and France: 300 Years of Joint History

#10. Time-out?

If there was a “golden age” in the history of Russian-French relations it certainly was the period since the end of 1880’s until October 1917. This time coincided with unprecedented economic leap of Russia, which occurred largely due to abundant inflows of French capital into our country.