Non-Economic Facets of the Economy: the Unknown Interference

#1. Hollywood as a password

In my opinion, the market overcomes the state because they put an equals sign between business and economy. Business exists within the economy, but not equals to it. And only the state responsible for the economy and for the fates of people, as opposed to business, responsible only for the fate of profits, is capable to represent the interests of society as a whole.

Appraisal of the Market Value of a Bank: Risks Associated With Possible Violation of the Federal Law by Credit Institution

#9. Plus-minus 40

Identification of banks specializing in the bulk keeping of “buffer firms” and “ephemeral companies” is the foundation of efforts aimed at minimizing violations in the tax area.

Russia And the International Crisis: the First Results

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The crisis has revealed the existence of strategic contradiction in the Russian government, which leads to the fact that ministers of the different “blocks” act in the worst case independently of one another, at best — uncoordinated.

Morality and Business. What does St. Prelate Spiridon Teach Us?

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Perhaps, bringing the relics of St. Prelate Spiridon Trimifuntsky to Russia will remind us once again of the necessity of introducing moral principles in economic life, and of the fact that traditions of entrepreneurship are rooted in the spiritual experience of our people.