Sorokin and Kondratyev — Two Twisted Paths

#5. The Forerunners of Memory

The XX Congress of the Communist Party triggered the process of returning to society the names and works of those who had been cut off by Bolshevism, the GULAG or forced emigration from their motherland, for the sake of which they worked. In the present article the authors tell the story of life, friendship and scientific activities of two Russian scientists, whose work received both international attention and international recognition. The first – Pitirim Sorokin, Russian-American sociologist and culture specialist, one of the founders of the theory of social stratification and social mobility. The second – Nikolay Kondratyev, Russian and Soviet economist, founder of business cycles theory, the author of “Kondratyev’s five-year plan”.

The Pricing Loop of Global Power Engineering Development (Fundamental Factors Analysis)

#5. The Forerunners of Memory

To answer numerous questions about the future price dynamics the author carries out a research in the field of cyclical energy resources consumption and cyclical changes in their prices and concludes that the pricing loop will be tightened enough. In this regard, the author believes that the global economy will choose the path of more quick decrease in the world oil price and the lack of need for providing global oil demand by developing new, more expensive fields.

Cycles and Crises in World Development (Energy Interpretation)

#6. Truth and force

The world will plunge into darkness and chaos. Each country will be saving itself alone, but only through collective efforts we will be able to survive and find the strength to build a multipolar world.