Mechanisms of Social Processes Self-Organization

#4. Monument up to the Sky
Mechanisms of Social Processes Self-OrganizationMechanisms of Social Processes Self-OrganizationMechanisms of Social Processes Self-Organization

One of the aims of the present article is an attempt to reveal self-organization mechanisms of complex social processes. The authors explain the main reasons for genesis of processes and events coherence in the social space of society. The examples show generality of the order emergence regularities as a result of the chaos self-organization in physical and social reality. On the other hand, significant differences between complex dynamic processes and events in physical and social reality are also described. All the basic concepts are formalized, self-organization mechanisms are presented at the level of technological processes. Proposed systemic approach assumes the possibility of using the obtained results in socio-engineering and other complex measures in order to provide social, legal and information security of society. Obtained results can also enter into one of the sections of scientific, practical and theoretical basis of sociology.