Analytics and Expertise in the Information Society

#2. Sisyphean Task
Analytics and Expertise in the Information Society

The article deals with the following questions: what is common for analytics and expertise, how they differ and how they are related to each other; what are the characteristics of the information society. Analysis of the purposes, sense and content of the analysis and expertise processes in the target vector of managing organizations, projects in the context of technical and social revolutions of the modern era of changes is carried out. The model, structuring the basic processes of analytics and expertise, is constructed, the criteria of their coherence and delineation are indicated. Constructive definitions of analytics and expertise are given. A taxonomic map of the basic processes of expertise and analytics in the organization is built. Proposed solutions provide the necessary basis for developing methodological and regulatory materials for practical application of analytics and expertise.

Traps for Artificial Intelligence

#6. Forecasts and Results
Traps for Artificial IntelligenceTraps for Artificial IntelligenceTraps for Artificial IntelligenceTraps for Artificial IntelligenceTraps for Artificial Intelligence

The course of artificial intelligence development in the XXI century in the context of formation of new technological modes and post-nonclassical management paradigm can be forecasted based on analysis of its many-sided and thorny historical retrospective. This way, of course, is not assured from unexpected traps. However, they can be avoided by finding new solutions in unfamiliar spaces for modeling, based on other approaches to solving complex problems and semantic interpretation of data by synthesizing for these innovations still unknown materials for computer memory and processors.

What System of Pre-School and School Education and Training Does Russia Need?

#4. Cognitive Dissonance

What level of education, culture, morality, civic consciousness and patriotism of society members will meet the challenges of coming information age?