Around-Zero Topics

#9. Any problem with?

 In the published block of interviews on strategic issues three global strategic topics converged: what is happening to the human brain and human health, how social turbulence rolls in wave after wave, and that a new model of economic development is being worked through step by step. All these topics are “around-zero” ones. Each of them promises tremendous changes. It is already possible to begin to predict their scale and impact on our everyday life, but it is impossible to imagine them like all the “around-zero”.

New Scientific Paradigm: Beyond the Prevailing Canons of Rational Cognition

#4. 25 000 000: Wo dein Рlatz, Genosse, ist?!

Error begins from Plato, who placed the truth into intellect, which cuts to human being cognition of Nature, the Universe, the God, as they seem to us external objects located outside the mind.