Money Issue: to Whom It Is Unprofitable?

#1. Event Horison
Money Issue: to Whom It Is Unprofitable?Money Issue: to Whom It Is Unprofitable?

Russian liberals again propose to pull the Russian economy out of stagnation by freezing the money supply as a tool for inflation targeting under the precepts of the Washington Consensus. However, the practice of overcoming the past crisis situations shows us a different lesson. The policy of money pumping through the efforts of reasonable practitioners. E.M. Primakov and V.V. Gerashchenko allowed quickly to overcome the 1998 default, but from the crisis of 2008 Russia was coming out much heavier and with huge economic losses, as the country leaders consistently adhered to liberal dogmas. In Russia, when the money supply grew significantly, inflation contracted, and vice versa, when the growth rate of the money supply fell sharply, inflation grew. The money growth always precedes the growth of GDP, and vice versa, when the money supply shrinks, GDP decreases. And there is a theoretical justification for this, but it does not coinside with the fundamental liberalism dogmas.