Priority Development Directions of the Property Valuation in the Russian Federation

#1. Beyond Design Basis Evaluations

The Russian professional appraisers community has every opportunity to overcome those crisis effects, that are taking place at the present time.

Large Non-Economic Modernization Reserve

#1. Beyond Design Basis Evaluations

Collapse of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes and desire for public life democratization is characteristic feature of the new era. Globalization process contributes to this, as the information about wellfunctioning state system and social order quickly acquires the power of example in other parts of the world.

Innovative Supply and Demand: the Market Mechanism Singularity

#9. Triupmh of chronophages

It seems that talk about creating some special innovation legislation is screening to do nothing, just wait: it’s well known that the procedure of legislation development and adoption is a long process, and innovations do not wait, we are so far behind anyway.

End of Catch-Up Model of Modernization and Search for New Ways

#3. Green question

Today’s concepts of modernization do not deny the necessity of borrowing the best practices of the East and the West, but in general focus on such methods of modernization, which keep in mind national goals and a variety of ways to achieve them, including the search for genuine methods.

Is Modernization of Russia Amid Crisis of Social-Cultural Sphere Possible?

#1. Crossing Parallels

Today it is appropriate to think: whether modernization can be accomplished under the conditions of spiritual and moral crisis, cultural degradation of the country, of a depression of immensely large proportion of the population?

Consequences of the Russian Fishing Industry Disintegration

#12. Everything will be OK

The fishing industry of Russia turned up to be economically and organizationally disintegrated, unable to maintain the integrity of the entire value chain from fishing to sale of finished fish products.

Application of the Theory of Neural Networks to the Feasibility Modeling of Innovative Economy Projects

#10. Questions and Answers

The human brain is a natural neural network, but model of the brain can be approximately represented in the form of artificial distributed neural network.

Financial Arm of the World

#10. Questions and Answers

Even if outflow of capital seems to someone a purely personal stroke of pen in the payment documents or enjoyable staccato of fingers on the keyboard, even if for an economist it’s just a passionless statistical indicator, the high significance of ready cash is a fact of contemporary crisis geo-economics.

Strategic issues of development

#9. Any problem with?

This year, more than 100 social sphere facilities and objects of housing and communal services are under capital construction on the territory of the Volgograd region. For this purpose 4.6 billion rubles were provided in the regional budget. It should be noted that the regiondid notbuild social objectsat such a pace and with such large-scale funding for a long time. People’s confidence can be gained only through real actions.