New Architecture of Digital Economy

#4. Monument up to the Sky
New Architecture of Digital EconomyNew Architecture of Digital EconomyNew Architecture of Digital Economy

Digital economy has become a key trend in building a modern information society, including e-governments, knowledge management, FinTech, industrialization 4.0, clusters, ecosystems, and the like. It offers new fundamental changes in all disciplines and industries. Today the chaotic creation of separate fragmentary software products of the Internet of Things is growing uncontrollably and avalanche-like. Such software products depending on the performer’s tastes or on the customer’s requirements are written in various ways, with various development tools, with various DBMS, GIS, CAD/CAM and other common software. Traditional cybernetics has outlived itself and is dying. At the conceptual level the IT leaders are exhausted. The article proposes a new paradigm and a network GGG-architecture for implementing the instrumental infrastructure of a collective balanced digital economy.