#9. Preserving humanness

The power of elite and its interests affect every person. In the era of globalization it is imperceptible. Influence is unnoticeable, but exists and indirect methodology works well. Then we have to make a question about the possibilities. When the situation is confused, multy-subject and contaminated by information background, to talk about interests and benefits means to condemn oneself to unraveling the Gordian knot. It is much easier to understand the opportunities. Let us throw away doubts – any opportunities will be necessarily used by elite. So what is the elite?

Human Intelligence Manages Power Engineering

#1. Beyond Design Basis Evaluations

Each national economy has got different resources potential and the possibilities for its effective reproduction in order to ensure own safety and growth. All this is a prerequisite for creating the Common Economic Space and the Customs Union.

Without Warm-Hearted Trust it is Impossible to Make a Film

#5. Constants Instability

The history of Russia is directed not by individuals, but by people. And, participating in this process, people are very reserved, indifferent to what is happening. Main reason for this I see in a tremendous dispersion of people in space. We cannot absolutely afford such a great territory.

Military Potential of the Top 100 Countries In the World

#1. Hollywood as a password

At present only the United States correspond in full to the level of a superpower. Russia is still close to this level, but by such indicators as production of weapons in the whole spectrum of modern systems, the strength of the armed forces and equipment of high-precision weapons, advanced systems of control and communication there is a substantial gap with the U.S.