Adaptability of the High-Tech Complex to Digital Challenges

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Adaptability of the High-Tech Complex to Digital ChallengesAdaptability of the High-Tech Complex to Digital Challenges

The plan of measures on implementing the program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” in the direction “Formation of research competencies and technological reserves” provides in 2018 elaboration of methodological approaches to development and implementation of strategies for digital transformation of enterprises. The world practice has accumulated an interesting, diverse experience of digital transformation, but Russia’s leadership potential in the world digital competition can be formed solely by developing independent, breakthrough approaches that will allow Russian industry not only to adopt successful experience of foreign partners, but also to put forward its competitive solutions and digital transformation tools. The proposed methodology for studying adaptability of Russia’s high-tech complex to realities of the digital economy can make a worthy contribution to forming competencies in the digital transformation of high-tech enterprises. The authors hope for an active and constructive dialogue with a wide range of experts in the interests of development and further improvement of this approach.