The Law of Polarization and Socio-Political Partnership in Crisis Situations

#5. Cultural Revolution

The law of polarization and socio-political partnership in crisis situations is the development and confirmation of the theory of crises and ways out of them, an addition to the social law of totalitarianism and freedom fluctuations, discovered by Pitirim Sorokin, and to negative and positive trends in religious and local polarization, formulated by him.

Locality and Globality. Self-Reproduction of Society

#5. Cultural Revolution

The society consumes what it was convinced to consider necessary, but to convince it are not those who are concerned about life and true needs of a man as he was conceived by the Creator, but consumer hunters, concerned only about his wallet.

Locality and Globality. Information Aspect

#4. Handful of Developments

Information, “canned” in a particular medium or carrier can be delivered anywhere, but it makes sense, if is carried out in a period of time, at least an order of magnitude shorter than the life of a person (generation).

Identity Management

#4. Handful of Developments

The lack of serious work with the identity of national elite and bureaucracy leads to the fact that the identity of bureaucracy is formed not in the Weberian sense, but in today’s Russian or African demonstration – corrupted, infinitely greedy, comprador, unqualified, unpatriotic.

The Main Socio-E conomic Indicators of the Population Living Standards

#3. Green question

Today the population of Russia is in a situation when any, even the most effective, reforms can be implemented only on the assumption of immediate rescue of the labor potential of the country.

Real Options: a Tool of Effective Management

#2. Is it reformation on the march?

In the clause the approved pricing models of real options put into practice are considered. Real options act in a role of financial tools of efficient control of corporate business. Real options allow to solve and prove questions of investment appeal of projects of any sphere of action.

The Relevance of Cognitive Technologies in Management

#12. Everything will be OK

In this work the modern mechanisms defining complexity of management in modern social systems are analyzed. It is shown that the principal cause of modern complexity of management consists in management of not completely formalized technologies of activity of social systems of a great number. Modern feature of management in difficult social systems is essential influence of technologies of the market which essentially aren’t regulated by norms and institutes, and also essential influence of nature restrictions of cogitative possibilities of the person to operate-manage. Influence of poorly regulated technologies in the market can be reduced by use of network, organizational, collective, information and other developed technologies of maintenance of management and by use of methods integrating science. And reduction of influence of mental restrictions demands creation new cognitive technologies of the management, allowing dividing functions at thinking level.

Inclusive Development in the Context of Global Revolutions

#12. Everything will be OK

All global revolutions began to develop intensively in the conditions of “American-style globalization” and therefore are characterized by the features, associated with this large-scale process.