It is Possible to Turn Back the Time

#7. Hysteresis Loop
It is Possible to Turn Back the TimeIt is Possible to Turn Back the TimeIt is Possible to Turn Back the Time

A graduate of Bauman Moscow State Technical University MSTU, a successful businessman, co-owner of “Antares” group of companies Dmitry Pavlov has for many years been investing the earned money in … science, considering himself first of all a scientist. One of his latest projects — mini science city near Murom, which regularly hosts scientific conferences, physico-mathematical schools for talented youth, seminars and lectures of prominent Russian and foreign scientists. But as his main project D.Pavlov considers to be the private Institute of Hypercomplex Systems in Geometry and Physics, working in Fryazino near Moscow, which he founded and is heading. Aims and objectives of the institute are very audacious, no less than to change our ideas about the world in which we live and to expand qualitatively the possibilities of humanity.

Economy: Realities and Illusions

#5. To Understand. To Prevent. To Overcome
Economy: Realities and IllusionsEconomy: Realities and IllusionsEconomy: Realities and Illusions

Economic science, which incorporates cognitive illusions of XIX-XX centuries, cannot give an adequate idea of the current economic reality and requires decisive revision. Economy in reality is different, perceived and described not so scientifically, mathematically, based on models, that is, physically, but post-scientifically, over the limits, which is the same — metaphysically.