The Concept of “Network-Centric” War for the Russian Army: “Force Multiplier” or a Mental Trap?

#5. The Forerunners of Memory

In recent discussions of future wars character and methods of future warfare Russian authors in their works often use such terms as “network-centric”, “network” war, “network-centric warfare”, “network-centric operations”, “network-centric counteraction”, “network-centricity”,”universal network-centric tools” and etc. up to “defensive network-centricity “. At the same time authors sometimes attribute quite different meanings and significance to these concepts. Just the meaning of the term “network-centric war”, the possibility and feasibility of applying “network-centric” war concept to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are referred to in the article.

Networks That are Stored in Our Memory (Cognitive Networks)

#3. Conceptual viruses

Musical composition score can be easily transformed into a network structure, if the nodes of such network are represented by musical notes of all possible lengths.

Smart Networks, Mobile Intelligence and Strategic Foresight

#3. Conceptual viruses

Network, the Internet, artificial intelligence, virtual reality — these are code words, piercing our impetuous era.