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It Was Impossible to Leave Beria Alive

#11. Life resources

When the order on the elimination of Beria arrived, at first it was decided to organize a car accident. It’s hard to say now why this plan was changed. Perhaps, it was decided not to risk as Beria was a very experienced bureaucrat, a master of apparatus intrigues.

National Heritage Of Russia

#11. Life resources

To date there are only 18 enterprises producing linen fabrics for technical and household purposes remaining in the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, light and textile industry of Russia has got great not yet realized potential for growth.

The Origin of the Solar System, the Earth And the Moon. Existing Theory And Possible Hypotheses

#11. Life resources

One must understand that planetary exploration is of interest not only to deepen our knowledge of the solar system. On the basis of comparative planetology such exploration creates necessary framework for addressing the problems of Earth’s geology.

End of Roads’ Impassibility

#10. Time-out?

Money from the federal budget arrive late. The first payments come in somewhere in July-August, the final payment — in December, and in September, for example, the road must be finished. And it turns out that the state settles accounts with us fully only after construction is terminated.

Progress Against Tradition. A Brief Course of 20th Century Russian History For Top Management

#10. Time-out?

The socialist camp headed by the Soviet Union did not appear as a relapse of the world revolution, but as a defensive reaction of Moscow after theoretical errors of the Soviet leadership and hard resistance of the West.