The "Economic Strategies" journal


Russia is the Road Country

#10. Time-out?

Having such quantity of the population and such area, we can live only as an empire. This does not mean that Russia needs a monarchy — we can have any power, the most democratic, but the strategy should have an imperial character.

Ecuador — the Land of Sannikov, Tortoise Paradise And the Country of Hope

#9. Plus-minus 40

Ecuador is located on the equator, and we are more acutely than anyone else feeling terrible phenomena occurring in the nature — hard changes of climate, floods, volcanic eruptions, extinction of some species. If in the nearest future destructive trends continue, nothing will remain for our children and grandchildren.

Evaluation of the Competitiveness of Nuclear Power Projects In the World Market

#7-8. Burning Ground

In the nearest 15 years up to 130 nuclear units could come into operation, from 40 to 80 of which — in Asia, with 15 reactors already under construction. The share of nuclear power in the world energy balance may rise up to 30%.

Terms of Trade And Long-Term Equilibrium Dynamics of the Real Exchange Rate

#7-8. Burning Ground

The reason for stable continuous movements of the equilibrium real exchange rate can be differences in growth rates of technological changes in commercial and non-trade sectors of the economy.