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“Strategic Matrix of Russia”. Results of 2010: Something has Happened

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We sweated, as those slaves in the galleys under tons of volcanic ash, we floated through oil spills, terrorist attacks and global crises, overcoming fires and icy rains, we were re-inventing Russia and the world just to find ourselves in 2010 in the starting point.

Growth of the Population Through Directive Methods

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Our astronauts — it is all an ostentation. There can be no people in the space. Only 10 percent of the earth’s surface, where there is a certain pressure and temperature drop, are suitable for comfortable living. And beyond these 10 percent bone tissue degrades.

Non-Economic Facets of the Economy: the Unknown Interference

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In my opinion, the market overcomes the state because they put an equals sign between business and economy. Business exists within the economy, but not equals to it. And only the state responsible for the economy and for the fates of people, as opposed to business, responsible only for the fate of profits, is capable to represent the interests of society as a whole.

Military Potential of the Top 100 Countries In the World

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At present only the United States correspond in full to the level of a superpower. Russia is still close to this level, but by such indicators as production of weapons in the whole spectrum of modern systems, the strength of the armed forces and equipment of high-precision weapons, advanced systems of control and communication there is a substantial gap with the U.S.

Comparative Analysis of the Simulation Results of the Global Economy And 12 Civilizations Development In the Period of 1970–2005. Preliminary Outline

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The development of the world economy shows systematic complication of the construction with periodicity in 70 years. The work offers a verbal description of the development of the world economy as a complex social system and non-linear dynamic model that is based on the population growth on the earth and two fundamental laws: the law of conservation of the economic potential of a system and the principle of minimum dissipation of resources that are implemented by system ability to self-organization. The main principles of conducting numerical experiment and the analysis of the findings are studied together with the model.

Russia — France: Cooperation In the Sphere of Humanities

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Year 2010, declared the Year of Russia in France and the Year of France in Russia, was special in terms of development of Russian-French cooperation in the sphere of humanities, which was happening at the background of an unprecedented by its intensity political, cultural, economic and scientific exchange between the two countries.