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Doctor Shark

#10. Questions and Answers

Men of wisdom said that people have became so strong that the gods were frightened, took away people’s health and hid it. But where did they hide it? In the mountains, underground, underwater, inside animals, plants. But people found health everywhere. And then the most wise God said: “We have to hide health there, where they will never find it – inside themselves”.

The Concept of Freedom in Modern Society

#11. Empty bowl

 Freedom of independent choice is a gift of God, and namely this gift is the reason for the existence of evil and sin (this is connected with the concept of theodicy – God’s innocence in the world evil owing to existence of freedom of choice for the person)

On the Eve of the Fifth Wave

#11. Empty bowl

Russia is accumulating human resource of the new elite. Some representatives of the Soviet elite are still active. Stably active are some characters of the Yeltsin era. Quite successful in life are the nominees to the official elite of “fat zero”. But among all the elite waves there is what is called “breakage” — those, who have not attained longed-for lines, dismissed, discharged, exiled.

Inclusive Development in the Context of Global Revolutions

#12. Everything will be OK

All global revolutions began to develop intensively in the conditions of “American-style globalization” and therefore are characterized by the features, associated with this large-scale process.