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Complex Development of the South Yakutia

#12. Everything will be OK

The purpose of the South Yakutian mega-project — creation in the east of Russia of a new large industrial area with hydropower engineering objects and enterprises for mining and deep processing of minerals: iron, uranium, apatite ores, natural gas, coal

The Tolerance has Reached a Complete Liquidation of Any Principles

#12. Everything will be OK

In Russia, obviously, it is necessary to search for any other distinctions between those, who votes, and those who corrects

International Forum of Innovators

#12. Everything will be OK

In order to find, to support and consolidate the talented youth of Russia and other countries that care about the future of Russia in the context of the world civilization development in the third millennium, the International Youth Forum of innovators was organized: “Russia and the World — 2020: constructing the future in the context of the “Millennium Development Goals”