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Nooeconomics: a Definite Economy in the Indefinite Future

#11. Empty bowl

To maintain the positive trend in the processes of society development subject to regularities of formation of the nooeconomics foundations, a shift from geopolitics to Logos-politics, that is to the policy of managing information and knowledge, is required

Application of the Theory of Neural Networks to the Feasibility Modeling of Innovative Economy Projects

#10. Questions and Answers

The human brain is a natural neural network, but model of the brain can be approximately represented in the form of artificial distributed neural network.

Progress vs. Tradition. A Brief Course of 20th Century Russian History for Top Management

#10. Questions and Answers

When deciding on the intervention of Russia in the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict in August 2008, Medvedev and Putin faced a difficult choice: not to interfere meant “losing a face”, to allow destabilization in the whole Caucasus, but to defend South Ossetia meant to take on a confrontation with the United States and NATO.

Essays of Economic Optimism in Times of Stagnation

#10. Questions and Answers

It is imperative that Russia is rich with creative, initiative people, ready to realize these opportunities. It isn’t their fault that the overall stagnant situation, the dominance of bureaucrats, conservative party diktat often did not allow them to realize the most  ambitious ideas.

Restructuring of Global Governance – Key to Fighting Global Financial and Economic Crises

#10. Questions and Answers

The mechanism of macroeconomic quasi-stabilization is found, although its main features are not yet fully understood by the world economic community.