Impossible is Possible

#6. The Charm of Unattainable Peaks
Impossible is PossibleImpossible is PossibleImpossible is Possible

In 2017 it is 60 years since the beginning of the practical development of outer space by man. Behind spectacular launches of spacecraft there are high technologies and bold engineering solutions, the triumph of science, the titanic work of those who know that the impossible is possible, those who make possible ever more distant and long space expeditions. Manned flights to the Moon and Mars have already become tangible reality, and automatic stations have already reached the limits of the solar system. Alexander Petrovich Danilkin, the chief engineer of the Central Research Institute of Machine Building, Candidate of Engineering Sciences told the “ES” readers about outstanding space engineers, who made a great contribution to the development of the Russian and world space, the authors of advanced space developments.

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