The Aim and Nature of Post-Industrial War. Two “Ultimate” Strategic Subjects

#8. New Year’s Forces
The Aim and Nature of Post-Industrial War. Two “Ultimate” Strategic SubjectsThe Aim and Nature of Post-Industrial War. Two “Ultimate” Strategic SubjectsThe Aim and Nature of Post-Industrial War. Two “Ultimate” Strategic Subjects

On the basis of engineering and physical design, two “ultimate” subjects of strategic management are described, the conflict between which is the only sustainably reproducible factor in all armed collisions of the postindustrial society. The topological structure of the memory of dynamic awareness of both subjects is modeled as the prime cause of the ultimate incompatibility, and their identification was accomplished. The third, transitional stage between two “ultimate” subjects, known as “indigo”, is described. The causes of its evolutionary deadlock are investigated. Metatheoretical verification of results obtained on the basis of their comparison with the data of materialistic dialectics and philosophy of Edmund Husserl is made.


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