Trans-Asian Geo-Project of the Russian Transport Domination at Sea and on Land

Trans-Asian Geo-Project of the Russian Transport Domination at Sea and on LandTrans-Asian Geo-Project of the Russian Transport Domination at Sea and on Land

Trans-Asian geo-project of Russia’s transport domination at sea and on land is proposed to be considered as a global Russia’s counteraction to threats in accordance with time and space. Its business content is focused on transformation of Eurasia with the help of “soft power”: through construction of facilities that will improve the life quality of population in Russia and its partner countries. The article outlines approaches to organizing “general cleaning” of the territory for cooperation between historically friendly countries of the Middle Eurasia. The essence of improving the territory between the Kara Sea and the Persian Gulf with the innovative transport infrastructure is to ensure transport domination of Russia both on the sea and the continent, expansion of its economic space. It provides a stable source of acquiring large-scale benefits and advantages for Russians and the country as a whole for many years to come. Without Trans-Asian Corridor of Development prosperity of EAEU, SCO and BRICS will be inadequate.


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