Under the Supervision of Gospromnadzor

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Under the Supervision of GospromnadzorUnder the Supervision of GospromnadzorUnder the Supervision of GospromnadzorUnder the Supervision of Gospromnadzor

Modern humanity is increasingly occupied with the efforts associated with overcoming various crisis phenomena arising in the course of terrestrial civilization’s development. Ensuring the environment protection and the safety of citizens is becoming of great importance. In the light of the increasing number of natural and man-made disasters, issues of industrial safety at all stages of a hazardous object’s lifecycle come to the fore. Implementation of state supervision in the field of industrial safety and security of dangerous goods transportation is the main task of the Department for Supervision of Safe Work in Industry under the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus (Gospromnadzor). The past 2016th year is marked by an important event for the department — a 60-years anniversary. That year was quite tough for Gospromnadzor employees, but the team managed to cope with important tasks, from the successful solution of which the state of industrial safety in the country directly depends. First of all, they managed to keep the dynamics of reducing accidents and injuries at supervised units and production facilities. In addition, implementing the Law of the Republic of Belarus dated January 5, 2016 “On Industrial Safety”, 11 by-laws were developed and approved. In parallel, amendments and additions to the rules for ensuring industrial safety were introduced. In an interview with the “ES” magazine the head of the State Industrial Supervision Alexander Kudryashov told about how they managed to maintain positive statistics and to be a guarantor of the safety of people’s lives and health.

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